Over the past couple of years, veganism has gone from a frequently mocked and seemingly unappetizing dietary choice to one of the fastest growing lifestyle movements ever. While veganism can seem restrictive at first, with a little time, research, and imagination you’ll learn to recreate and enjoy all your favorite savory, cheesy dishes, sans animal products. Being vegan certainly requires extra…

Types of Nuts

Vegan Gains & How?

Vegan Gains & How? Being underweight has severe consequences on the body. From feeling cold all the time, being pale, feeling tired/low energy levels, losing hair, feeling weak and dizzy, to hormonal imbalances, reduced bone density and risk of osteoporosis, decreased muscle mass, low immune function, poor wound healing, low heart rate and blood pressure, low blood sugar, digestive dysfunction, sleep disturbances, mood irregularities,…

Hemp Plant

The Hemp Side Story

The Hemp Side Story There has been a rising awareness and demand for Hemp Protein all over the world. What makes this the new favorite Vegan Protein? For starters, let’s get to know what Hemp Protein actually is. Hemp is a distinct variety of the Cannabis sativa plant, which can be grown to maximize the fibers in the stalk of the plant or seed…

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